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We will come out and meet with you to assess your property and your particular situation for the bestpossible solution customized for you and your needs.

We are a family owned and operated company, offering estate and moving sales throughout the St.Louis metropolitan area. We understand that this can be an overwhelming challenge and we aresensitive to your needs. We tailor our services to fit your needs. Customer service is a priority forus. We can minimize your stress and maximize your receipts. Our experienced staff handles theentire sale including, evaluates, organizing, categorizing , displaying , advertising, staging,researching, pricing, merchandise control, check out, collecting bids, marketing, and staffing thesales to protect your assets. Whether it is a big or small sale we treat each family and home withfirst class service and a personal touch. We have experienced professional organization specialiststhat will conduct your sale ...especially, if you live far away or can't invest the time, or if the processis too emotionally difficult.

Midas Touch Estate Sales Company has been in the estate liquidation business in St. Louis,metropolitan area since 1979. We have earned a reputation for quality sales, with personal andprofessional services. We believe that each sale must be tailored to the families needs. Weunderstand the emotional challenge that can occur during these life changing situations and westrive to make this a stress free experience for you.

We come into your home and turn it into a store .. We offer a one to four day sale, depending on thesize of the estate. Before you throw anything away, we ask that you consult with us. Many peopletoss things thinking they have no value. We believe that their is a buyer for almost everything. Wetreat your merchandise the way we would want you to treat ours.

We have Certified Personal Property Appraisers on our staff, each with areas of their expertise toinsure that items are priced to generate maximum profit.

All of our sales are featured on our web site and on EstateSales.NET, EstateSales.ORG, EstateSale.com

We put our CLIENTS first.

We get you the most profit possible.

We will keep you informed every step of the way.

No major decision is made without you.

Our staff has years of experience and knowledge.

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